Toddler 1 Class  
I have been a client at Akeba Academy since 2010. I enrolled my twin daughters in the program when they were 5 months old. I was overjoyed by the way they cared for my twin girls. The teachers were always nice and the girls were kept clean and changed regularly. Now my children are in the Toddler 1 class and they love their class and teachers. I appreciate Akeba Academy's customer service and the assurance that my children are very well taken care of. One of the most important benefits that my family has received from Akeba's Toddler 1 program is that they are developing wonderfully, mentally and physically. I am impressed with the language progression and their fine motor skills. What really impressed me is when we sit down at the dinner table MY ONE YEAR OLDS are hold their eating utencil the proper way! I can go on and on Akeba Academy is the place for your child to be!   Manyona Bess-Mountain, Preschool Para Pro for Glynn County School Systems, PROUD PARENT OF TWIN GIRLS who attend Akeba Academy!
At Akeba Academy your young toddler will learn so much. We emphasize the development of social, cognitive, self-help skills and movement. We will complete the following assessment within 72 hours of your child's enrollment here at Akeba Academy. To view the assessment click Here. Page 2  Page 3   
We provide an ongoing routine that provides security in your child's day. Your child will know what comes next, and begin to move around independently. You can (click here) to view our Toddler 1 class schedule.

Our teachers work very hard to ensure that your child will be provided the attention and love that they may need through out the day.
Your child will discover the "BIG" world around them through play, songs, dance, outdoors, arts, crafts, puzzles, and YOUR BABY CAN READ! Akeba Academy has so mucj to offer you just got to come and see for yourself.
Akeba Academy provides opportunity for the children to grow and develop their fine motor and gross motor skills. 

OurToddler 1 class provides plenty of space for the children to climb, read, make-believe, even our walls are filled with hands on activities for the children to use and develop their eye-hand coordination.
Climbing is healthy for YOUR growing toddler!
Even our walls promote learning!
Toddler 1 class is full of brain development and stimulation. Your child will learn to use a spoon, eat from a plate, begin drinking from an open mouth cup, sitting to the table to eat, learn to say grace and so much more! TRY US TODAY FOR FREE! Click Here-- We guarantee you will like us!